About SmartLite LEDs

The Company has gained a solid reputation in the field of LED Lighting and manufactures many products to suit client specifications. Its high-quality LEDs and reliability of products have made Smartlite LED into a major OEM.

SmartLite LED Australasia is a local company that continues to lead the Australian LED lighting revolution with the latest LED lighting technology.

Whether you’re looking for energy efficient downlight replacements or lighting for anything from water features and bars to the street and car park lighting, SmartLite LED can manufacture a range of LED lights for any application.

SmartLite LED also has the technical facilities and personnel to develop purpose-built solutions for clients with special requirements.

Since Smartlite was started we have supplied LED lighting to many Australian businesses. 

Our Speciality

Signage- supplying/installing LED’s in signs all over Australia.

  • Aircraft – we have worked on LED lighting for custom interiors of business aircraft.
  • Military- supplying Navy and Army with LED and Fibre optic lighting
  • Household lighting – From the early days of Smartlite when we would manufacture our own LED light globes (because none were available).

We have supplied all facets of home lighting with LED and Fibre optic effect lighting.

  • Mining – We manufacture Traffic light assemblies and Marker lights for mining applications
  • Transport – Whether you want your car/truck/motorcycle modified or you want

Smartlite to supply lighting for your fleet of trains or ferry’s Smartlite has done it before.

  • Landscaping – Smartlite can supply or manufacture LED or fiber optic lighting for garden/ outdoor/water feature lighting.

Business/commercial – From corporate displays to shelf lighting and LED “OPEN” signs we can do it